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Badlees now 4

by Alan K. Stout
Times Leader Staff Writer

March 19, 2004

The Badlees are now a four-piece unit.
The Badlees are now a four-piece unit.

The Badlees' first appearance at The Waterfront in Plains Township on Saturday also will mark their first official performance as a quartet.

Longtime rhythm guitarist and vocalist Jeff Feltenberger has left the group to pursue a career as a record producer/engineer with Scott Wray Studios, near Harrisburg, and to launch his new band, Sweet Pea Felty.

Despite a few stormy years from 1999-2002 that saw the band's members branch out with side projects, The Badlees' lineup of Feltenberger, lead vocalist Pete Palladino, guitarist and vocalist Bret Alexander, bassist and vocalist Paul Smith and drummer Ron Simasek had remained intact since the release of their first full-length CD, 1992's "Diamonds in the Coal."

"Diamonds In The Coal" and the band's biggest album, "River Songs," both honored the band's Northeastern Pennsylvania roots with their titles, and the latter showcased the Susquehanna River on its cover.

A new Badlees' CD and Alexander's first solo album, "Gentleman East," will be released on S.A.M. Records this year.

Regarding Feltenberger, the group issued this statement:

"We wish Jeff the very best in pursuing his dreams and hope that all of our fans will do the same. Rock on."

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