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Badlees off to perform in China

by Alan K. Stout
Times Leader Staff Writer

August 11, 1994

The Badlees will be one of the few American bands to ever perform in China.
The Badlees will be one of the few American bands to ever perform in China.

Area favorites The Badlees are off to China.

That's right, China. The Badlees — as part of the The Tsingtao Beer Festival in Qingdao, China, will become one of only a handful of American artists to ever perform in the country. The festival is an annual gala event in honor of the country's largest brewery and its workers.

The Badlees, who are sponsored by Budweiser, were asked by Anheuser-Busch to perform at the event. The group will be the only non-Chinese act scheduled to perform at the festival, which runs from Aug. 14-18.

"It's really a once in a lifetime opportunity," says Terry Selders, the group's manager. "American rock bands just don't play China. The band — no matter how big they get — may never have the opportunity to go back there again. On Tuesday (Aug. 16), they'll be playing to over 100,000 people."

The Badlees' last album, "The Unfortunate Result of Spare Time" — which was hailed by the local press, as well as by critics from Billboard and the Album Network — has sold well throughout Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania area.

The group recently completed a nine-week stint at Jitterbugs' Wednesday night "open-mic night" and will appear at Market Street Square on Saturday, Sept. 3. The band will begin recording their next album this fall, and will resume their Wednesday night shows at Jitterbugs beginning Nov. 30.

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