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Alan K. Stout

Alan K. Stout

Dear readers,

Over the years, as I've covered rock music for The Times Leader and The Weekender, I've had the opportunity to do some pretty cool stuff and talk to some very talented people. But through all of those columns and articles, there's nothing that I've enjoyed more than writing about Pennsylvania's own Badlees.

Today, more than 15 years after my first story on the band, the members of the Badlees continue to write and record some of the best rock music I've ever heard. They are clearly among the most talented songwriters I've encountered, and it has been a pleasure bringing their story to you through the pages of our newspapers.

Here, we've archived all of my Badlees articles, all in the order in which they originally appeared in the paper. We've also tried to link them up with the original artwork from the stories, or a photo of the band from that particular period. I think they serve as an interesting time piece for the various eras of the group, and I myself enjoyed reading through them again as we prepared to launch this Website. Here, if you're a new fan of the band, you can learn more about their colorful background. And if you're one of their longtime devoted fans, where the fond musical memories are plentiful ... well, to quote a line from their most recent album, looking at these stories again can feel, in many ways, like a "drive back home."

"Pennsylvania's best and most entertaining band," — The Times Leader,1993

" Pennsylvania's best and most entertaining band," — The Times Leader,1993

I hope you also enjoy revisiting their story. And believe me — whether it be as The Badlees or with their solo projects — there will certainly be much more to come from these guys.

Alan K. Stout
September 2009






Story Original Run Date
1. Big and Badlee - The Unfortunate Result of Spare Time 9-24-93
2. Badlees off to perform in China 8-11-94
3. Badlees recall trip To China 9-23-94
4. Badlees win 'Sound Choice' readers' poll 12-3-94
5. Badlees release 'River Songs' - review 2-28-95
6. Badlees on a roll in N.Y.C. 3-26-95
7. Badlees 'River' to roll across America 7-20-95
8. Badlees prove good guys can win 7-21-95
9. Big gig for Badlees in Buffalo 10-18-95
10. Badlees at home among rock legends 10-20-95
11. Badlees come home with 'Angeline' in tow 4-5-96
12. Badlees homecoming a very good night 4-7-96
13. Badlees 'turn page' on Seger tour 4-26-96
14. The Badlees are back 9-20-96
15. Badlees help honor town's broken spirit 11-1-96
16. Badlees set for big show at The Kirby 2-21-97
17. Badlees tracking ahead in studio 10-21-97
18. Cellarbirds ready to fly 2-18-98
19. Palladino strikes his own chord 3-6-98
20. Badlees back live 6-5-98
21. 'Parade' keeps Badlees moving 7-17-98
22. Badlees show 'Amazing' spirit 4-2-99
23. Badlees pinched by Polygram sale 4-2-99
24. Badlees sign new record deal 5-7-99
25. Badlees release 'Up There Down Here' 8-20-99
26. Badlees release remarkable record - review 8-20-99
27. Badlees' members open Saturation Acres studio 3-5-00
28. Pete, Jeff & Ron release "50:45 Live" 9-8-00
29. TL writer spends day at Saturation Acres 3-4-01
30. Cellarbirds release first CD 5-11-01
31. Echotown releases debut CD 5-18-01
32. Pete Palladino unveils first solo album 6-29-01
33. The Badlees true to form 3-29-02
34. Band on the Mend 6-7-02
35. The Badlees' 'Renew & Rewind' TV special will air on WB-38 8-15-02
36. Badlees now 4 3-19-04
37. Sweet Pea Felty built on solid rock 4-16-04
38. The 'Gentleman' goes solo 5-7-04
39. "River Songs" - 10 years later, still a gem 2-25-05
40. Saturation Acres notes 10th anniversary 9-9-09
41. Badlees 'Love' to reign over The Mountain 10-1-09
42. Badlees "Love Is Rain" reigns supreme 10-7-09
43. Badlees look back, look forward 12-7-10
44. Badlees 'Best Of' packs punch 4-27-12
45. The Badlees in Bearsville (October 1997) 5-9-12
It Ain't For You Diamonds In The Coal
The Unfortunate Result Of Spare Time River Songs
The Day's Parade Amazing Grace
Up There, Down Here50:45 Live
Cellarbirds: Perfect Smile Pete Palladino: The Sweet Siren Of The Reconnected
Echotown Holiday 2000
Concert For Karen IV Renew
Live Gentleman East
Love Is RainSee Me As A Picture: The Best So Far 1990-2012